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How to personalize your key code?

In order to change your key code you need to first stop your engine and PTO and enter the control console with a given code then hold the key code button for 5 seconds till a message “chnge” and “code” are displayed. Enter your new personalized key code. Pull the PTO switch up. The control console will confirm the change by displaying “saved” and “code”. Only a dealer service call can reset a forgotten code. If the new code is bad the control console will display “code” and “bad” messages and you will need to repeat your action.

How to connect  your Bush Hog to your tractor?

What I need to know/check before starting my mower?

Before starting for the first time you should always ready the operators manual. Pay special attention to safety sections as wrong mowers operation can cause life and health danger. Basic maintenance should be done before starting the engine, make sure you have enough fuel, adjust seat and mower itself if needed. Put blades into highest cutting setting position. Once you are in your seat put PTO to off position, parking brake should be up, all levers must be in neutral position.

How to start the engine?

You need to remember that your mower’s engine will be turn on once and if you are sitting in the seat. First set highest cutting setting on the deck- so called transport position. Release the PTO switch and parking brake, put steering levelers into the neutral position. Once all above done move throttle knob into middle position, pull the choke up enter your unlocking code and press start button. The button will turn green, you will hear that the engine is on. In case the button didn’t turn green and engine did not start wait for 30 seconds and try again. If no success after 3 tries look in the troubleshooting section: check the battery, safety switches, PTO and parking brake position.
Once engine has started push the choke knob down. Let the engine to work for a short while before you start to mow

How to get a Bush Hog ready to use?

How to turn left/right?

In order to turn left while moving forward pull the left hand lever backward toward the neutral position slowing the left wheel resulting in your mower turning left.

In order to turn right while moving forward pull the right hand lever backward toward the neutral position slowing the left wheel resulting in your mower turning right.

How to move forward or backward?

In order to move straight forward you need to push steering level equally forward. Also more forward the levers are positioned the mower’s speed will  be higher. In order to move straight backwards you need to equally pull the levers backward. Also more backward the levers are positioned the mower’s reverse speed will be higher
How to prevent Bush Hog damage

How to replace a battery?

In order to replace your mower battery you need to first disconnect the battery- that can be achieved by simple disconnecting red (+) and black (0) cables. Unscrew the nut located on the down hold strap and afterwards remove the battery itself. Verify the general condition of previous battery connection, check for corrosion. If you find a sign of corrosion, clean the surface and grease it before you place a new battery. Also check the status of the cables, if those are damaged, they will need to be replaced. After greasing is completed place the new battery in the right position, re-install the down hold strap. Next attach to the (+) terminal the red cable and to the (-) terminal the back cable. Once more verify all connections. Start the engine to verify that the new battery works properly.

How to stop the engine?

In order to shut down the engine you will need to push stop/start button. PTO should be released and parking brake needs to be then engaged. Also engine will shut down during operation if the operator leaves the seat.

How to sharpen Bush Hog blades without taking them off

How to do a zero turn?

In order to perform a zero turn on your mower put both steering levers to the neutral position and then if you want to left zero turn your mower you should move the right hand lever forward and the left zero turn – left hand lever backward or move the left hand lever forward and the right hand lever backward

How to move on slops and hills?

Special attention should be given to operating a mower or a slop, hill or going via ditch. Mowers don’t take slopes exceeding 15 degrees well and can result in tip-over. To avoid tip-over, you should always drive across slopes, never just up an down. If you observe that the mower stops when moving uphill stop blades immediately and back down slowly. Never mow on the slop when the grass is wet. Always reduce speed to slowest speed possible. Do not stop or change speed on hills. All turns- left/right/backwards should be done very slowly. If your mower stops and you need to restart the mower, remember to release the parking brake first and set the levers out of the neutral set. Push levers equally.

How can I fix flat tire ?

Flat tires should be replaced in a Bush Hog service station because new/repaired tires require proper puncture patched.

How should I mow to achieve best results?

Before starting your mower remove all debris from the blades and area around. Set the cutting high for the highest level, remember that the average lawn should be cut to a height of 2-1/2’’ during cool seasons and 3” during hot months. Mowing results are usually very good when you mow with the full throttle because blades move the fastest in this position. Pay attention not to cut grass higher than 6 inch one- it should be cut twice. Don’t cut the grass when it is wet or damp as the crass will accumulate under the deck and will result in uneven deck. Always make sure that the pressure in the same in all tires.

How should I maintain my mower after I finished mowing?

In order to keep your mower in a good condition throughout the years you should do some basic maintenance tasks each time mower is used. After completed mowing clean your mower with a leaf blower or any other kind of compressed air tool in order to remove grass, dirt and debris. Park the mower is a dry place- remember mower’s don’t take water well,. string them outside will cause rusting. If you clean your mower with warm water never put it on any electrical components. Sharpen the blades every 100 hours of usage, do all maintenance tasks included int he maintenance tasks table