Base Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
150056732Deck w/ Decals, Blue
50056733Deck w/ Decals, Green
50056734Deck w/ Decals, Orange
50056735Deck w/ Decals, Red
250056736Gearbox Mount w/ Decals, Blue
50056737Gearbox Mount w/ Decals, Green
50056738Gearbox Mount w/ Decals, Orange
50056739Gearbox Mount w/ Decals, Red
350055191R.H. Shield w/ Decals, Blue
50055192R.H. Shield w/ Decals, Green
50055193R.H. Shield w/ Decals, Orange
50055194R.H. Shield w/ Decals, Red
450055195L.H. Shield w/ Decals, Blue
50055196L.H. Shield w/ Decals, Green
50055197L.H. Shield w/ Decals, Orange
50055198L.H. Shield w/ Decals, Red
594228Chain Rod 72” Deck
694226Chain 72” Deck
7Cotter Pin 3/32” x 1”
996102Model Decal RDTH72
1050042282Danger Decal
1150012616Danger Decal
1283056Warning Decal
1388655Belt Installation Decal
1450012615Warning Decal
1550042284Warning Decal
1650042283Warning Decal
1750055113Bush Hog Decal
18Capscrew 1/2” x 1-1/2” Gr. 5
19Flatwasher 1/2”
20Lockwasher 1/2”
21Hex Nut 1/2”
2250042281Decal, 540 RPM
2386873Capscrew, Flanged 3/8” x 3/4”
2415165Capscrew 5/8” x 1-3/4” Gr. 5
2520414Locknut, Flanged 5/8”
2650014067Cap, Friction
2794305Shield Mount
296050096Pin & Chain Assy.
3044215Capscrew M8 x 1.25 x 15mm
3144311Lockwasher M8
3244216Flatwasher M8
3397613Spacer (RDTH 72 Only)
3420680Capscrew 3/8” x 5-1/2” Gr.5
35Flatwasher 3/8
36Lockwasher 3/8”
37Hex Nut 3/8”
3850042285Warning Decal
3950057096Warranty Decal, 5 Yr.

Pulleys And Belts

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
188667Drive Belt for 5’ Deck
88843Drive Belt for 6’ Deck
288666Drive Sheave for 5’ Deck
88741Drive Sheave for 6’ Deck
370228Key 6 x 6 x 30mm
470286Spring Washer
570287Hex Nut M30 x 2
688663Idler Pulley
750008038Tension Spring
888669Rod Weldment
988753Woodruff Key #606
10Flatwasher 5/8” SAE
1120414Locknut 5/8” Flanged
1288756Sheave 5-1/2”
136050133Capscrew 5/8” x 2” Gr. 5
14Lockwasher 5/8”
15Special Washer
16Capscrew 1/2” x 1-1/2” Gr. 5
17Lockwasher 1/2”
18Hex Nut 1/2”
19Hex Nut 3/8”
20Capscrew 1/2” x 2-1/4” Gr. 5 (5’ Only)
2115519Jam Nut 1/2”
2288671Idler Arm Assembly
2388703Idler Arm Weldment
25Capscrew 5/8” x 3” Gr. 5
2615598Locknut 5/8”
2720376Flatwasher 1”
28Cotter Pin 3/16” x 1-1/2”
2988754Blade Washer
3044040Safety Washer
3144506Blade Bolt 1/2” x 1-3/4” UNF Gr. 8
3282324Blade for 5’ Deck, 21”
50029159Mulching Blade, 21”
82325Blade for 6’ Deck, 25”
50029160Mulching Blade, 25”
3350051388Spindle Assembly
3497658Blade Spacer

Spindle Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
188751Spindle Housing
297685Retaining Ring
388749Bearing 25mm
5449Grease Fitting

Gear Box Assembly (70015BH)

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
170329Shim .3mm
70330Shim .4mm
70331Shim .5mm
70332Shim 1.3mm
370133Retaining Ring
570226Key M10 x 8 x 30
770110Outside Retaining Ring
870094Gear 26 teeth
970326Capscrew M8 x 16
1070092Top Plate
1170282Pinion 12 teeth
1370393Vent Plug
14N/ASerial No. Plate
1770284Spacer Ring
2170079Shoulder Ring
2270286Spring Washer
2370287Hex Nut
2470288Key 6 x 6 x 30 mm
2670291Retaining Ring
2770181Plug 3/8”
Silicone Sealer may be used in place of gasket

Gear Box Assembly (50069162)

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
270133Snap Ring 72 x 75 x 2.5
370279Oil Cap
470797Ball Bearing 30207
570639Shim 60.3 x 71.7 x .03
70640Shim 60.3 x 71.7 x .04
70641Shim 60.3 x 71.7 x .05
70642Shim 60.3 x 71.7 x 1.0
670348Shim 45.3 x 65.3 x .03
70349Shim 45.3 x 65.3 x .04
70350Shim 45.3 x 65.3 x .05
70351Shim 45.3 x 65.3 x 1.0
770796Roller Bearing 30209
870905Nut M45
970848Dust Lip 40 x 90 x 8
1050042822Input Shaft 1-3/8” Z6
1170134Oil Seal 35 x 72 x 12
1271453Ball Bearing 6207
14F7502811Shim 35.3 x 48 x 2.5
15805381/2” GAS Solid Plug
1670250Snap Ring 40 x 37.5 x 2.5
1750042824Crown Z30
1870288Parallel Key 6 x 6 x 30
1950042826Pinion Z12
2070286Ext. Tooth Washer 31 x 48
2170287Hex Nut M30
2270278Bolt M8 x 1.25 x 20
23702923/8” GAS Solid Plug

Driveshaft Assembly (76722)

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
176808Outer Half w/Shield
276096Inner Half w/Shield
350017480Ball Collar Kit 1-3/8”
476711Complete Collar Yoke
564694Cross Bearing Kit
663956Grease Fitting
778571Outer Yoke
878577Roll Pin for Outer Yoke
982800Outer Tube
1078786Danger Decal
1182801Inner Tube
1278578Roll Pin for Inner Yoke
1378570Inner Yoke
1476146Shield Assy.
1576192Outer Bearing
1687992Shield Bolt
1776191Inner Bearing
1878608Danger Decal
1964814Safety Chain
2076126Push Pin Yoke
2176062Push Pin Set

Driveshaft Assembly (50034246)

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
150035260Complete Collar Yoke
264694Cross Journal Set
363956Grease Nipple
478571Outer Tube Yoke
578577Flexible Pin
682800Outer Tube
782801Inner Tube
878578Flexible Pin
978570Inner Tube Yoke
1064692Outer Yoke
1190008Outer Bearing
1250042832Inner Bearing
1450035261Ball Collar Kit
1550035268Half Shaft, Outer
1650035295Half Shaft, Inner
1790012Safety Guard
1878786Danger Decal
1978608Danger Decal

Driveshaft Assembly (50063616)

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
150064902Ball Collar Yoke Assy.
264964Cross Bearing Kit
378571Yoke Outer Tube
478577Roll Pin for Outer Tube
550064906Outer Tube
650064907Inner Tube
778578Roll Pin Inner Tube
878570Yoke for Inner Tube
950064911Outer Shield Bearing
1071404Self Tapping Screw
1150064912Inner Shield Bearing
1250064890Shield Chain
1378786Danger Decal, Outer Tube
1478608Danger Decal, Inner Tube
1550064645Ball Collar Kit
1650064914Outer Half Assy.
1750064940Inner Half Assy.
1850064916Complete Shield Kit

Mast & Supports

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
182815Flex Link
288678Mast Half
395953Mast Support 72”
488686Lift Arm
582817Pivot Tube
688687Lift Arm Spacer
763765Lift Pin Cat. 1
8Capscrew 1/2” x 2” Gr. 5
9Capscrew 1/2” x 5” Gr. 5
10Capscrew 1/2” x 1-1/2” Gr. 5
11Lockwasher 1/2”
12Hex Nut 1/2”
13Flatwasher 1/2”
14Lockwasher 7/8”
1544061Hex Nut 7/8” NF

Caster Arm & Wheels

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
194933Caster Arm Weldment
2Capscrew 5/8” x 3-1/2” Gr. 5
3Lockwasher 5/8”
4Hex Nut 5/8”
584613Spacer 1”
684612Spacer 1/2”
720312Lynch Pin
888683Solid Tire & Fork Assy.
988956Pneumatic Tire & Fork Assy.
1088695Fork for Solid Tire
1188973Fork for Pneumatic Tire
1262574Sleeve (Solid Tire)
1388970Sleeve (Pneumatic Tire)
1444030Capscrew 1/2” x 5” (Solid Tire)
1520776Capscrew 1/2” x 6” (Pneumatic Tire)
1615554Locknut 1/2”
1787750Solid Tire Assy.
1888957Pneumatic Tire Assy.
2088971Rim w/Bushing
2188969Pneumatic Tire 410/350/4
2291096Roller Bearing Kit (Optional, replacement for 4 wheels)
2390810Roller Bearing
24449Grease Fitting

Front Roller Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
179057Front Roller
290865Left Roller Mount
390864Right Roller Mount
483055Roller Shaft
619443Roll Pin 3/13” x 2”
75161212Carriage Bolt 3/8” x 1 1/4” Gr.5
8Flatwasher 3/8”
9Lockwasher 3/8”
10Hex Nut 3/8”