Bush Hog Mowers Guide

Bushhog Mowers Guide is a website designed for providing both historical and the latest information about Bush Hog Mowers. You will find here technical (troubleshooting and how to guide) and commercial information (models compare and purchase models). We have created a separated FAQ page which is our official forum where you can ask a question that users will answer or share an opinion about Bush Hog equipment.

Bush Hog is an American  leading manufacturer of different zero turn mowers, rotary cutters, landscape equipment,  hay equipment and all kind of tractor-mounted implements used in the agricultural market. Bush Hog company was established in the ’50s in Selma, Alabama and since then provides very high quality equipment available for personal and commercial needs. Additionally the company is able to provide financing services through its dealers.

Bush Hog appliances come with standard 1 year warranty for equipment and up to 5 years gear warranty. Bush hog has shown its customer that the company is able to constantly meet growing customer needs not only versus design, but also technical functionality and high equipment quality. Almost half of Bush Hog products can be used commercially and the company is known for equipment that does not need repairs throughout the years of use.

Selecting  Bush Hog Mower

Depending on your real estate size and your preferences you may want to choose from following types of Bush Hog mowers:

1.RDTH Rear Discharge Finishing Mowers models are advised for those users having large cutting areas and preferring using tractors.  Model RDTH60 with the cutting width of 60 inch and height of 1-6 inch will be a great choice

2. Tri-Deck Finishing Mowers models are advised for those users having huge cutting areas and preferring using tractors.  The strongest Bush Hog’s model TD-1700 with the cutting width of 17 ft and cutting height of 1-6 inch will be a smart solution

3. Zero-Turn Mowers models are advised for those users having mid size cutting areas and preferring using sit-on mowers. Here we would recommend HDC Series ZT Mower with the optional cutting width varying from 51 to 63 inch and cutting height of 3 inch for personal usage or Zero-Turn Professional (PZ) Series Mower for commercial use with the cutting width of 61-73 inch.

Typical problems

Like any other mowers Bush Hog Mowers may experience some of the most common mower’s issue that include, but not limit to:

  • problems with the start up that usually can easily be fixed by recharging the battery, fixing the electrical cables connection of greasing the gear
  • problems with gearbox leaks that usually requires simple greasing
  • uneven cut that in most of the cases is caused by uneven tire pressure or blunt blades
  • most of the mowers after 10-15 years of usage start to have some holes caused by rust that should simply be welded and painted


Bush Hog for almost 70 years produces very stable quality, uncomplicated use and technically up to date equipment. Additions, extensions and accessories can be purchased online or from a local dealer. Standard 1 warranty is offered for standard equipment and up to 5 year gear warranty. Bush Hog mowers are an excellent choice for the money offered, and all equipment can be purchased in comfortable monthly installments. Remember to write to us all your questions or post those onto out FAQ forum.